It’s Personal

I have always been a woman of faith.  Not often do I blast it on my writing but it definitely is there,  you just have to know where to look. I never announced whenever I pray nor to do tell anybody I do,  because and it’s not that I’m ashamed of it nor am I ashamed of my God,  I just believe we have our individual design of spiritual journey home. Whether we take our cross or walk away,  He tremendously respects and honors our free will. To me,  whatever our choice is,  much as I’d want better for everyone,  but in the end better to you might be different than mine. 

I don’t shout to the world what I do when I pray,  I don’t slap it in anyone’s faces how I praise. Many times have I been told,  you don’t strike me as you know—,  then I say,  the praying kind?  But don’t get me wrong I’m not selfish I preach when I get the opportunity,  far as I can go.  Then again not even God comes between free will. 

My faith has never been private,  it’s just personal.  I take care of my soul first,  best that I could.  We’ve been through unpleasant things,  we’ve done stuff that still humiliates us just thinking about it.  But I figured humiliation could bring out humility and it should. 

Sometimes profound silence could be stronger than the prayers we utter. This world often makes us forget how deceitful the adversary is and believe that when times change; when technology advances; values,  manners and faith should change along with it.  I beg to differ,  we should be intelligent enough not to make the same mistakes.  

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Have you ever felt like

The only option for you is to break

You’ve stood there long enough to just let go

You don’t even have the strength to breakdown 

Not even tears to cry

Can’t find the right words that’ll fill in those broken lines of your day

You’re in a reality that you keep wishing for it to be a dream and vise versa 

That it’s only going to get worse

You think life has numb you up enough not to feel

You still go on with it everyday and look back,  asking yourself how did you get there

Giving up and yet you tell yourself you’re not a quitter and yet again saying you’re a quitter that same hour

Sometimes when you take off that proverbial band aid and not even budge

That’s it but then,  life throws you a bone then you fool yourself into thinking oh,  it’s all better now.  Until you ask yourself again the title
-Juliet 05112017


Digging Your Grave

As we all grow older, sometimes we forget what we always have in our hearts.  Me,  I have forgotten better yet maybe abandonned my first love, writing.  Writing has always been my passion,  my refuge at times and even my friend.  Funny how life seem short and yet we make our everyday almost the same as yesterday. We are truly content in just putting one foot after the other. Why not skip on the crosswalk,  or eat that whole bucket of ice cream without guilt. Breathe like the next will be your last.  Cry like the mermaids and laugh like there’s no tomorrow.  Easy to be all poetic in this beautiful world and age we live in but the truth is,  society left us fewer and fewer choices. Then a day comes,  we find ourselves, on a quiet afternoon with our thoughts and that loud silence,  empty.  We plan to get to our goals but lose ourselves in the process.  We’re drowning in the mundane rituals we call normal,  striving to keep our sanity and yet it’s damaging to our soul.  But when life calls our attention,  only then we realize how we’re on the road to becoming robots.  Everyday, from the moment we get up,  we begin to be who our modern selves truly are-slaves of time.  
-juliet 03282017


A Person

Problem. People, places, things, situations, relationships, goals and dreams. Problem with people today, they mistake tactlessness for brutal honesty, meanwhile tactful people are often their victims. The dumb ones often think they are smart and use terms they don’t even know about while the smart ones often doubt their own intelligence. Like what Einstein said, “two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the universe“. The lazy ones often find excuses to procrastinate or even to cancel a task. While the hardworkers more often than not find something to work on.

What’s hard is denial. If one keeps thinking one need not to change, then you not only deny improvement, you invite deterioration of maturity, thus growth stops. Whatever age group you’re in today, there’s a reason why you woke up healthy while other people in all walks of life are fighting for their lives or sighed their last breath.

Prove you’re worthy to breathe more than that little angel vomiting after chemo. Don’t waste your time living a day after another.

When the time comes, I’d want to go home, not anywhere else but home. So I don’t anchor on wordly things, for they are like me, temporary.  I save up on what’s waiting for me.

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Those kind of nights that calms you. The kind when you’re smiling as you close your eyes then, the tunnel begins.
A world not familiar, neverland. You said to me, let’s do it. Then I said what the hell. Then we casually tell everyone we signed up for an eternal membership of united souls. There we were two wounded souls with every part of our spirits broken, became one.  All of a sudden everything felt complete, not a hole in sight, not even a shadow of melancholy. We were just – happy.
Like how I came, the tunnel pulled me back to reality and realized no longer is it possible,  no longer is it right. Then, soon as my feet felt the ground my day started in the world I know so well.

Juliet – 08182015 – 2345

How does one live a happy life?

How does one live a happy life?

They say you need to be contented

To feel how it is to be happy.

But how can one feel such contentment

When you know out there you can do something better,

Deserve something better?


How does one live a happy life?

They say it is by shutting yourself away from negativity,

Think positive and always be positive.

But how can you feel the positivity

When in fact you are just all alone?


How does one live a happy life?

They say think of yourself less

And have more for others,

For giving brings an indescribable feeling of joy.

But what if nothing is left of you, will you still give more?


How does one live a happy life?

They say do what you love to do.

Be yourself and enjoy it.

Then you stop to re-think of it,

Is it really enough and worth it?


How does one live a happy life?

Who created the standards?

What is the exact method to happiness?

Why do we depend on what other say

When all this time, our happiness lies in every single one of us.




At a carnival or a waterpark, a concert or a street parade, all gives you a guarantee of a crowd.  But they could still be the lonliest places to be for the people who are living their nightmares instead of pursuing their dreams.  You always feel alone in a crowd if you are with a stranger.
A stranger should not only mean someone you don’t know, he or she could be someone you used to care about but not anymore.  He or she could be your best friend since forever who didn’t stay the same. Or a loved one, you would once give everything up, but can’t even look at them anymore.  Then again, I guess the word still fits- stranger.
We seldom realize or take notice how relationships just drift away, how you are forced by life to let something go. But sometimes, no matter how much you try to let something go, life just reels you back in.
Things that make you ponder whether your life is really yours. Force, you decide if you’ll resist or submit, either way it’s still there. Rules, written or not, whether you break it or live by it, rules are rules. Rights, acknowledged or stepped on, whether you respect it or not, it exists. Crimes, caught or done perfectly under the radar, whether against the laws of the people or the laws of nature, a crime is a crime.
Life pretty much gets you when you least expect it, just when you get comfortable in a place, you discover molds on the couch. By the time you finally let go of something or someone, a ghost suddenly shows up.  But the surprises always make life worth living. No matter how this tired old cliche may be, but it sure does come in handy, stay positive and live your life.  Today is the youngest you’ll ever be.

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I write in a form of randomness

Everything to me makes sense

Yet to some readers it is all gibberish

Words from someone foolish

But deeper thoughts are in my words

Read carefully and you will know

These are just mere emotions

Of every girl you may know


I write in form of randomness

These thoughts  cramped in my head

Ideas gushing out through words

Along with hidden sentiments

Memories , good and bad

Concerns on things I do  not know

A slight push and they will overflow

Filling up this little piece of note


I write in form of randomness

I understand if this youwould ignore

Not everyone are bound to understand

Nor would some even heed

For I write not for you

Nor to tease your busy mind

But I write to soothe my soul

Letting go of feelings

That I should have done before

Will this ever end?

A clock that stopped moving gets the time right twice in one day. A heart that should not be beating anymore, continues to pump with the help of a device. A ringer turned off can still receive everything but it can only whisper. A soldier who once was brave and strong

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