And suddenly I was on a boat going through a waterfall, as I went out I saw a man standing there. There’s fog everywhere and I couldn’t see who it was, I immediately assumed it was a stranger. As the boat got closer, I felt cold air entered my thin long dress. I knew then it was a familiar face but I don’t want to believe. As soon as my faith decreased, I almost fell off board because the boat moved. I wet my dress with the little amount of water that was on the boat.

So I got closer, and then I had goose bumps. I saw him, standing right there, as if waiting for me, my first love. I fell in love all over again and I set my heart free this time. He looked into my eyes and extended his hand to get me off the boat. I took his hand and the boat wobbled. I fell down with my right foot on the shore and the other still on the boat. Then I felt like I was sucked back to that waterfall. We held hands as the earth shook us both. Then I told him, I must let go now. He told me to hold on. But I thought it wasn’t working out so I stared at him with tears in my eyes. I should let you go. Then he said You don’t have to. I said I have to. He cried and I said don’t cry, someone out there is right for you. Then I let him go.

He managed to grab my left hand and said now I couldn’t possibly stop crying. I asked him why and then he answered because that water on the boat, those are mine. I didn’t understand so I let him go. As I got farther, We were looking at each others’ eyes, with him sobbing. Then he managed to yell Those are my tears, it brought you back to me.

Juliet – 04212010 – 0919

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