What is it that you do to live life?

Explore. Take risks. Love

Three things, I believe, that would make one’s life worth living.  In my opinion, we are created to live in a life that is longer than we can count.  It’s just that we do things that makes our life shorter – or seems shorter.

Why I say people live a life that seems to be short? We tend to expect on so many things. We worry too much. We hope too much. These excessive thoughts and feelings occupy much of our time, thus making us enjoy less in what we have.  We make things too complicated when it is supposedly so simple.  We gather too much information when we need only so little.  We prepare so much for tomorrow that we forget to gather on what we need today.

To explore means so many things. To travel. To discover new things – about yourself and things around you.  Know more about what there is in this life that they call a jungle.  Go out. You’ll know more about life once you step out of that doorstep. Step out beyond your comfort zone.

And that leads us to Taking Risks.

How could you explore if you are so afraid? How could you know more if you are scared of knowing? At times, we limit ourselves because we are too fearful.  Afraid . Scared. Fearful. Why ? Why be scared when you are not sure of what the outcome would be? Are you not afraid that time would come and you would be asking yourself the “what ifs” questions? What if I tried this rather than shying away? What if I went after him rather than denying what I feel?

What you feel.

You get sad or frustrated because you got disappointed. You feel happy because you got a promotion.  We can feel so many emotions, yet there is this one feeling that is so hard to explain: being in love.

To love is a wonderful but at times, a weird and senseless feeling.  To be loved is the greatest feeling of all. Some still love even if hurt so many times. Some does not stop loving even if their hearts got broken and healed, and then broken again, by the same person.  It is quite unexplainable at times.  Others would say one should leave, but still that person stays because of love. There are no exact guidelines or rules as to when to leave and when to stay. Love is a feeling. You feel it and it could go away.  But either way, it makes life more worth living.

Explore. Take risks. Love.

Three things I would recommend for us to experience.  As the proverb says, “life is not measured on how long it was, but on how well it was lived.”



People come and go in your life. They enter through 3 kinds of doors. The ones who get in a revolving door, you don’t remember how you met, how it started and you never noticed them leaving. And they leave just as fast as they came. Some come in through a glass sliding door. They are the ones who you notice even before you’ve met. You have seen them coming and they shouldn’t leave in a hurry because if they do, they will break the door and make a huge bang, in other words, a big impact on you. Third would be, through a wooden door. They knocked before they could go in, and it was your choice to let them in or close the door. You remember them, the first knock, or sometimes it depends on what mood you’re on. Maybe you were in need of company that you let them in without thinking. They are the ones that you create great memories with.

The hardest part though, when you get out of those doors, trying to check if the revolving door just got stuck, or maybe there was somebody out there too shy to knock and the saddest part is when you get out of the glass door, even when you can see through it, you badly wanted someone that you go out and find almost anyone.

So where did you get in?


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