Drowning in what they call the Friendship Lagoon

You don’t want to be in that place or even anywhere near it. Everyone hates it. No one knows how to get out of it, how to survive it.  Nobody even knows how one could end up there. It’s close to being in hell.

Or maybe that’s just an exaggeration on my end.

Ever heard of it? This Friendship Lagoon I am talking about?  If you have, then good for you. If you are there or have been there , I’m sorry to hear about that, but by know you would understand what I am trying to say here.  It is tough to be in a Friendship Lagoon.

It’s not really a lagoon nor is it even a place. It is a situation when two friends got all tied up with being just friends, but one of them , or even possible both of them, wants to reach out for more.

It is a situation when love between friends goes beyond friendship.

Would you risk your friendship? Would you risk everything that both of you had?

Apparently, if it is both who are in love with each other, it won’t be quite difficult.  The only problem that you would be facing is if you could take the risk of moving your friendship up on another level.  It is still a tough choice. What if it would not end well? Would you still have the same friendship that you had before? Would you still be as best friends that you once were?

If that is a tough choice, the worse it is if only one seems to be in love with the other. Or if the one does not see any signs that the other might be feeling the same way. Should I tell him? Should I keep it to myself? What if he does not feel the same way? But what if he does?

To assume is not even an option in this case.  You can’t just assume that what the other is showing is love, more than a friendly love.  You would not want to assume that the other would want you to be just a friend, because it’s just plain painful.  You really don’t have much choice.

How can one be trapped in this nightmare? I can’t really tell you how. I, myself, am not sure.  Love is a feeling – an awfully mysterious feeling.

Though one thing I have observed with this kind of situation – from friends and movies, or novels – one of the possible reasons that trap a person from this misery is too much familiarity. When both of you knows too much of the other, you get too comfortable and the other could consider you as a person who could never hurt them – a family. From there you are trapped. You got nowhere else to go.

Or maybe it’s just in the movies.

How to get out of it, you say? Two things, I believe: Keep it to yourself or take the risk.  Well, it is not an assurance of a “happy ever after” ending, but it will surely take you out of that zone.

Being stuck in the Friendship Lagoon or Friend Zone, as others would call it, is as mysterious as the Bermuda Triangle.  It exists, yet quite difficult to explain.  There are explanations, but they are difficult to prove.

Have you been down this road? Have you ever been trapped in this Friend zone? Maybe you have. Maybe you haven’t. Either way, you wouldn’t really want to be on a Friendship Lagoon.

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