Like It Never Happened

Look at your life with everything that you have and not otherwise.  Be contented, then happiness follows.  Happiness never really meant a problem-free day or week or year.  It’s looking beyond those problems that gives you happiness.  Even with tears rolling down those cheeks, still you wake up the next day like nothing happened.

Don’t sweat on the small stuff, know what matters.  Treasure people that love you.  People who love you will care no matter what.  Even if they had a worse day than you, they’d listen to you either way.  They’d make no excuses, they’d just be there.  They’d take every chance to make you feel they loved you.  They’re there even if you wouldn’t want them to.  For those who walked away, for as long as you have done everything you could, then have no regrets in letting them go.


People in our lives are there for a reason. Every single one of them have a different purpose and mission. Even the ones we don’t like and the ones we never expected. Some of those people we think we can’t live without but actually, we can, those are the people we want in our lives. Some we sometimes just ignore but we know if they leave, we’d be devastated, those are the people we need. Then, the people who are not yet in our lives, they are the ones we desire, that sometimes the ones we already have are taken for granted.

Everyday is a clean slate. Don’t go back to the past just because it’s familiar. There’s a reason for it to be in the past, it’s supposed to remain there. You are in the present, live it because tomorrow, it’ll be new start for you, a blank canvass to paint on, a new paper to write on. Live one day at a time to appreciate more, the present and make greater memories to look back on in the future.

For me, it’s now or never. If you have a chance why not say everything you have to, do everything you want to, if it fails, pick yourself up and move on. If you want to talk to someone, call, if you miss someone, try to contact. Life is too short for us to fill it up with regrets. I for one have fixed that one regret I had. If you have a chance grab it.

We can never expect everything to go as planned. Ever since my 3 days darkness, I have stopped planning for the future and started living a day at a time. Someone once told me, I have changed, maybe in the eyes of the people I have, but not really. I didn’t change much, I’m still that girl I used to be, but I just needed to, and I just chose to grow up. Everything I was is still everything that I am. This much I can say, I didn’t change, I grew up.