Like It Never Happened

Look at your life with everything that you have and not otherwise.  Be contented, then happiness follows.  Happiness never really meant a problem-free day or week or year.  It’s looking beyond those problems that gives you happiness.  Even with tears rolling down those cheeks, still you wake up the next day like nothing happened.

Don’t sweat on the small stuff, know what matters.  Treasure people that love you.  People who love you will care no matter what.  Even if they had a worse day than you, they’d listen to you either way.  They’d make no excuses, they’d just be there.  They’d take every chance to make you feel they loved you.  They’re there even if you wouldn’t want them to.  For those who walked away, for as long as you have done everything you could, then have no regrets in letting them go.

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