That feeling when you …

 hold someone’s hand and it feels awkwardly right



People come and go in your life. They enter through 3 kinds of doors. The ones who get in a revolving door, you don’t remember how you met, how it started and you never noticed them leaving. And they leave just as fast as they came. Some come in through a glass sliding door. They are the ones who you notice even before you’ve met. You have seen them coming and they shouldn’t leave in a hurry because if they do, they will break the door and make a huge bang, in other words, a big impact on you. Third would be, through a wooden door. They knocked before they could go in, and it was your choice to let them in or close the door. You remember them, the first knock, or sometimes it depends on what mood you’re on. Maybe you were in need of company that you let them in without thinking. They are the ones that you create great memories with.

The hardest part though, when you get out of those doors, trying to check if the revolving door just got stuck, or maybe there was somebody out there too shy to knock and the saddest part is when you get out of the glass door, even when you can see through it, you badly wanted someone that you go out and find almost anyone.

So where did you get in?


Juliet – 05232011 – 1327

That star …

I’m here, just across you. I took a quick glance around. I look at you. Apparently, you don’t really notice me. Or maybe you do. It’s just that you just don’t really care of my existence. To you I am just some other girl who bumps into you every now and then.

For some reason, there was a time I thought you noticed me. I even thought you liked me. You were kind. You acted so sweet. We talked. Yes.  If you have forgotten, there were a few times we had a couple of conversation.  You even gave me a picture of you.

From then on, I knew we were going to be great friends. You said once I could give you a call, though I really never had your number.

I was really hoping we would be good friends, but then it all changed.  Suddenly, you acted cold.  You look at me like I’m a stranger.  I can’t remember what I have done or said that made you distant yourself from me.  I don’t really understand. It was unfair. For by the time you were pulling yourself away from me, I am drawn near to you by how I feel. It may sound stupid, but it’s true.

Now I am here, standing across this railing that separates us two. This metal bars that serves as a barrier from me touching you. As you stand on that pedestal I know you would see me. I hope you would  remember me.  I am not going to give up though. I may be just a girl, but I am your number one fan.

Smiling in front . Judging behind my back

I really do not think you care much,

But for a friend you say, oh well you do suck .

Sorry for my language,

By now you should know

This is how I am when I am mad.

Well yes, I cover none of these flaws.

You go talking behind my back like you I don’t hear you at all.

How dare you smile at me when I come walking inside that door?

I am truly made of glass, clearly now you can see that.

I am transparent in all aspects,

You deserve none of my respect.


And suddenly I was on a boat going through a waterfall, as I went out I saw a man standing there. There’s fog everywhere and I couldn’t see who it was, I immediately assumed it was a stranger. As the boat got closer, I felt cold air entered my thin long dress. I knew then it was a familiar face but I don’t want to believe. As soon as my faith decreased, I almost fell off board because the boat moved. I wet my dress with the little amount of water that was on the boat.

So I got closer, and then I had goose bumps. I saw him, standing right there, as if waiting for me, my first love. I fell in love all over again and I set my heart free this time. He looked into my eyes and extended his hand to get me off the boat. I took his hand and the boat wobbled. I fell down with my right foot on the shore and the other still on the boat. Then I felt like I was sucked back to that waterfall. We held hands as the earth shook us both. Then I told him, I must let go now. He told me to hold on. But I thought it wasn’t working out so I stared at him with tears in my eyes. I should let you go. Then he said You don’t have to. I said I have to. He cried and I said don’t cry, someone out there is right for you. Then I let him go.

He managed to grab my left hand and said now I couldn’t possibly stop crying. I asked him why and then he answered because that water on the boat, those are mine. I didn’t understand so I let him go. As I got farther, We were looking at each others’ eyes, with him sobbing. Then he managed to yell Those are my tears, it brought you back to me.

Juliet – 04212010 – 0919

Man with A Hammer

I found myself one day standing in front of a man with a hammer on his hand. When the wind blew I felt pain in my chest. I looked down and saw it ripped. When I blinked the man had my heart on his hand and he broke it. Then everything started to spin. I fainted. When I woke up I was in the middle of a country road. I tried to get up. Everything was blurry but then when everything started to clear up I saw something shiny. So I picked it up. It was a piece of my broken heart. It got me thinking, that maybe, just maybe I could find the others and put it back together. So I went on walking hoping to see even just another piece.

After 11 steps, more or less, I found another piece. So it kept me going and each one gave me that hope that I could find it all. It helped me not to notice how far I have traveled, because I thought there’s something better in the end.

At this time I thought, I should keep track of how many I had collected. I stopped at a tree. The leaves were falling and they were big enough to hold the pieces of my heart. As I put each piece back to its place it seemed to lit up, so it was easier. Now I found that I only lack 2 pieces. Then I thought, this would be simple.

I went on and I came across a very clear stream. I was going to wash my face when I noticed another shiny thing, I immediately assumed it was another piece, so I picked it up. As my hand got out of the water, I wondered why it is white. I held it closer to my eyes and observed it, trying to figure out what it was. It suddenly melted and fell back to the water like a tear. I looked around and I noticed, I’m in the woods. I realized it would be harder since the path is no longer clear. The path have twigs, dried leaves and other stuff.

I knew I had to do something. I walked slowly and closely looking at the path. I thought please God help me find it. I was tired so I found another tree to rest in. So I sat down and rested my head. I placed the pieces on my skirt to rest my hand from holding them. I noticed a raindrop fell on my hand. Then I watched it fall one after the other. I held my hands up just below my face, palms up. It was entertaining, but after a few seconds, I noticed something glowed in the little puddle in my hand. I didn’t want to be disappointed, so I didn’t assume it as anything. I just looked at it close enough to recognize that it was another piece. Then I stood up, excited for the last piece. I walked the same manner I did, looking down and almost baby steps. I took a step and everything changed, I looked around and I was in a meadow. Now I thought gosh it gets harder.

I didn’t give up, I continued walking until I found a road. I started to follow it. The sun is setting, I have walked a long way but there’s still that piece I need to find. I looked down as I continued my quest. When I looked up I saw something was shining but it was maybe more than 50 steps away. With all the hope left, I started to walk faster, I didn’t run I’m afraid the dust might blow it off. 5 steps later I saw a man, he was far like a shadow, I stopped. I wondered why he was getting closer, he was running towards the piece. I just stood there until he got to the piece. He picked it up, I wanted to run to get to him but he signaled me to stop, and surprisingly I stopped. As he got closer, I started to trust him and waited for him from where I stood, I noticed he was holding the piece with one hand and the other hand was at his back. He got closer and walked past me, I was going to tell him it was mine when I saw a lady. He gave the piece to the lady. She smiled and so did he. They hugged and I was so confused of what just happened. It seemed like he didn’t see me.

I wanted to get that piece back so I tried to tap his shoulder when I noticed he was holding a hammer on the hand at his back. A memory flashed back in my mind. All I could come up with was he broke my heart to make hers whole. I was standing there with pieces of my broken heart.

I found myself standing at the back of a man with a hammer on his hand.

Juliet – 02192010 – 0914

I Write

I wrote a note

A note from my heart to yours

Springs from a thought

I wrote a letter

A letter from my hand to yours

Inked by my blood for you to feel better

I wrote a book

A book from my eyes to yours

Written by that one stare, one look

I wrote a poem

A poem from my smile to yours

Wondering why those memories, I just couldn’t throw’em

I wrote a song

A song from my lips to yours

Brought by a kiss of a story that’s been too long

I wrote a novel

A novel from my arms to yours

Wrapped around to comfort each other

Thus, I have been a writer

But my story, I didn’t write

It is authored by someone greater

Juliet – 07102012 – 1255