I just miss the empty afternoon nothings we have.  We got nothing but each other and it seemed like we were holding the whole world in our hands.  I hate this, we’re apart, it feels like a chunk of me traveled alone, it’s hard to get by sometimes.  Knowing I’d come home to a bed with you in it felt like it’s worth the days’ hard work.  I miss most our weird adventures, laughing so hard we can’t almost breathe.  I didn’t really care about what tomorrow brought because you were there beside me.  A vow to never let each other down, we’d have each others’ backs.  When everyone leaves we’d count that we still have each other.  That it’s still going to be us in the end to survive storms, triumph over earthquakes, slaying dragons.  They might hurt us but they are never going to break the bond that was created through the heaviest of rains.  I may not be always with you but you know that every chance I get, if I could I would get to wherever you are.  I grab every chance I have to tell you how much I love you always and always.  I’ve told you once and I mean it a million times more, that I will bail you out no matter what, no matter why.  You can count on me to be your getaway driver, no questions asked.  I warned you, you’re going to need a stronger shield, for what’s coming will make the strongest fall to his knees, the toughest sob and the brave hide.  Don’t worry I got you, kid.  Always and always.ImageJuliet – 08012012 – 1303