Just For Today

Lost on a familiar road, with nothing but these white roses tied to my hand.  I leave traces from the blood of my wounded hand from the thorns.  My bloody footprints for I am running barefoot.  How can I get rid of the roses when I can only feel it, because I’m blindfolded.  I couldn’t seem to remove this blindfold for the thorns of the roses might hurt my face.   I just know I have been her once even without seeing  my path.

Now I can hear thunder, I just know it’s going to rain.  Raindrops started falling faster than my tears.  I couldn’t see, I just can’t.  Everything I have with me are just maybes.  How did I even get here?  Where did I ever get these roses tied to my hands?  Was I blindfolded before I got these? Or did I get these then this cruel scarf was tied to around my head to cover my view of reality?

I don’t know much, I never do.  But it seems to me that no one sees me.  Nobody seems to see me running around.  Maybe  just maybe I’m on a deserted road, a path that was never taken.  A road less traveled.  I know I need to rescued but, I know I can do this.  I can survive this.  I getting pretty exhausted.  I don’t know what to feel, I don’t know what to do.

Finally I stopped running.  I broke down and screamed at the top of my lungs.  On my knees, I couldn’t wipe off my tears.  Then I felt a hand touching mine.  I felt each thorn removed from my skin.  As the roses were gone, so was the pain, but my hands still bleeding.  It was so silent that I could hear the wind blowing.  I never tried to question who it was, I just wanted to see again.  As he touched the scarf, I took a deep breath and he said don’t be scared, you’re safe with me.  Then I could see again, as my vision adjusted, I could see that he too can’t clearly see for he has a helmet on his head.  I knew then I had to thank him properly so I removed his helmet and said, I need not to be  rescued but thank you.  He smiled and said, you never admit you need anyone but as I have been watching you, I know I just had to step in when you broke down.  I then told him, It may seem like I have given up, but I was just tired.  He stood up and said, you never admitted you needed anyone but yourself but I just wanted you to feel safe.  He extended his hand but I stood up without taking it. I said, What’s the use of one-time safety, when I still have more battles?  He just smiled and replied, who told you it’s just for today?


Juliet – 08042012 – 1600