Just Believe

Indeed it’s a little less lonely when you’re at peace.  I’m not saying it’s tear-proof, but then again what could beat inner peace right?  Many people I miss so much, but I’m okay that they’re not here.  I have nothing, literally.  I blame no one, but it’s when you have nothing that you realize the little things that you have.  For it’s in darkness that you notice the tiniest of sparks.  For it is in complete silence, you hear your heart speak.  For it is in great speed that you see your life slow down.  For it is when you’re at your weakest point you find your strength.  For it is when you’re most scared you find that last amount of courage you have.  For it is when you’re about to give it all up that you find that last grain of hope.  For it is when the crowd leaves that you find that one true friend who got buried with the crowd but never really left.  For it is when you decide to jump off the cliff, a hand pulls you back and greets you with an embrace.  For it is when everything’s blurry, you find clarity.

I never really asked for anything more than what I have.  I can even settle for lesser than what it seems. I understand we have to fall, fall hard before we’d find our silver lining.  We need to climb the arch of the rainbow before we slide down to our pot of gold.   We need to get drenched clothed so we can appreciate the sun more.  In time, I’ll get there.  I’m getting there, I believe.


Juliet – 08102012 – 0425