Blue Moon

I remembered, I just wanted to forget. I didn’t change, I just grew up, that’s all. A lot has happened I couldn’t change a thing, so I just couldn’t allow myself to dwell on it, but otherwise pick up what’s left of me and walk on. Can you blame me, if I wanted not all but just one, just a thing to go right. But this is how I was built, I’m meant to be like this.

Only the right eyes would see such beauty. Only the right ears would hear what is really being said. Only the right heart will recognize its pair. A moment, a perfect one that’s made not waited upon. Just taking chances instead of holding on to what would’ve been. Speaking from what is felt rather than saying what is needed. A security blanket for a doubtful mind, for an insecure soul.

That one who couldn’t afford to watch a day pass by, to just watch it pass by. Soon when the time is right, it will come. Everything will be in its rightful place. All things will look ever so familiar for the soul never forgets. Never will it wish harm on the other, danger on its twin. A cluttered mind together with a heavy heart. A deep breath and a hopeful smile. Even with tears rolling down, a brave spirit stands up and fights. For it shall not rain forever.


Juliet – 09022012 – 1756