Let It Go

It is funny how sounds can heal the soul in no way other elements can. Others be healed through a song, others with a sound of rain. It can be done in various ways too. Others sob all the way as the song gets to their favorite part. Others stare blankly into space for they are numbed by each note for they had it on repeat.

Some people say, time heals pain, and some may even believe, some live by it. But only you can heal your own pain. The moment you decide what you do about it, is when the healing journey starts. The deeper the wound is the depth you have to fathom about what you can get out of it. Look at it as an opportunity to grow instead of looking at it as failure.

Though it’s easier to read or write about these things but bear in mind that there will be days and nights that the pain decides to pay you a visit. Now what do you do, when you have come so far? You treat it like any other visitor. Think of it as just a visitor. A visitor, comes to your door with a purpose. Now you can take comfort in another fact, a visitor always leaves. Hey, it’s just a visit.

So let the “visitor” come in, cry if you have to, laugh as loud as you can, sob until you get tired. When you have calmed down, think what’s the purpose. You and I both know this is no ordinary visitor, it doesn’t tell you straight up the reason for its visit. Don’t end the day without figuring it out. Once you have, like any other, walk it to the door and let it out. Then carry on. Allow yourself to experience it, to experience these times. You might initially want to erase whatever thoughts you have, but instead of pushing it, try to converse with it. Try to answer its riddles.

Anchor on the thought that it will all go away soon. Don’t sink with it, you are not the captain. The more you shove it in a shelf, the greater the pains that will visit. Go through the process, allow yourself to be fragile. Be kind to yourself. Forgive yourself. If you think you have done every thing you possibly can, then you can only run so far, if you go any farther than that, it will cost you self respect. Don’t cross that line. Value yourself. You owe it to that 8-year-old kid that dared to dream something.

Juliet – 11292012 – 0750