Nothing to Lose

I’m standing at the edge of a cliff, hearing the cry of each rock that fell to its death.  Standing still with my bare feet, with my naked mind and my silent heart.  There was just me and my thoughts. Staring life down, without noticing tears are falling fast down my cheeks.  I’m not sobbing, it just seemed like I was sweating.

I smiled with the hopes of life smiling back.  Instead it shoved me that caused my fall but not to my death, just on the ground.  So I thought it could only be 2 things.  One, I pissed it off, or it was telling me to back up because it wasn’t my time yet.  So I shouted, Why should it matter? What do I have left for you take? I got shoved for the second time.

This time I cried out  Don’t you get it? How can it not be my time when I have given everything that I’ve got to you! As I was trying to get up, half way life shoved me again and I fell again.  That’s when it hit me, I have nothing more to lose but life.


Juliet – 02022013 – 2156

At World’s End

A famous title from a movie, yet seems appropriate for this article.  With this topic trending wherever since they found the Mayan calendar and what not, I feel like taking part in this epic fail theory of people in this generation.  Again it was a failed attempt to play God.  Even how modern the technology gets, even how much access to the unknown we have available, be God we can never be.  This article might get the atheists and the like warmed up to defend their so-called philosophies but I don’t really care.

Not to mention those dummies preparing for doomsday.  If the world ends, so we all die, what would we need those food for?  Waste of time, ain’t it?  Maybe we should look at this as a new lease in life.  Change ourselves to make the world better instead of pointing fingers to whoever started rumors.

They say, endings are new beginnings in disguise.  But the endings I’m talking about, don’t happen in a blink of an eye, it’s not like those few seconds on a movie that says the end, fin or whatever.  You go through a process and at the end of it, dawns your fresh start.  Don’t look back, if the things, the people and everything that you had to let go of in the process have a place in your future, they will come back to play their role in your story in time.


Juliet – 122112 – 0719