Just For Today

Box of Unwritten Pages

Lost on a familiar road, with nothing but these white roses tied to my hand. I leave traces from the blood of my wounded hand from the thorns. My bloody footprints for I am running barefoot. How can I get rid of the roses when I can only feel it, because I’m blindfolded. I couldn’t seem to remove this blindfold for the thorns of the roses might hurt my face. I just know I have been her once even without seeing my path.

Now I can hear thunder, I just know it’s going to rain. Raindrops started falling faster than my tears. I couldn’t see, I just can’t. Everything I have with me are just maybes. How did I even get here? Where did I ever get these roses tied to my hands? Was I blindfolded before I got these? Or did I get these then this cruel scarf was…

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