Meet Life

Box of Unwritten Pages

The future is nothing but a blur once again. Ask me questions and I’d probably answer you with mostly the same tone, I don’t know. Paint me a picture and I’ll tell you what’s wrong with it. Bring me a book to read and I’ll tell you how it ends. Hum me a melody and I’ll play it on the piano. Cover me with rose petals and I’ll tell you why it makes me sneeze. Throw me a party, and I’ll clean up the mess after. Show me a rainbow and I’ll tell you the story how it got there. Show me a tear and I’ll tell you how much I’ve shed. Throw me an argument and I’ll let you win. Turn all the lights off and I’ll show you courage. Break everything I am and I won’t even blink. Take everything I have left and I won’t chase you.

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