Nothing to Lose

Box of Unwritten Pages

I’m standing at the edge of a cliff, hearing the cry of each rock that fell to its death.  Standing still with my bare feet, with my naked mind and my silent heart.  There was just me and my thoughts. Staring life down, without noticing tears are falling fast down my cheeks.  I’m not sobbing, it just seemed like I was sweating.

I smiled with the hopes of life smiling back.  Instead it shoved me that caused my fall but not to my death, just on the ground.  So I thought it could only be 2 things.  One, I pissed it off, or it was telling me to back up because it wasn’t my time yet.  So I shouted, Why should it matter? What do I have left for you take? I got shoved for the second time.

This time I cried out  Don’t you get it? How can it…

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