7 minutes

I’m too weak to feel. I’m too scarred to try again, and yet in this silence my mind is making too much noise that i can hardly hear the beats of my heart. Questions again flooding in my head, but my heart is silent. What made her quiet? Maybe now she understands, and the things that my head have been telling her just hit her.

Just when she found her voice again, reality shuts her up. But life is cruel sometimes, teaches us lessons that we think we don’t need until we do. Still nothing, not a word, not a single sigh. She still beats but she knows everything’s different. Nothing ever seems different until you look back.

Now I know she will be silent longer than she had been. Slowly crawling into her box again where she feels most safe. Nobody judging her, nobody telling her how she should feel. And finally before she closes the box, she posts a question, how much more patience do i need to get it right? Then everything goes numbingly quiet.

Juliet – 04162014 – 0437