Will this ever end?

A clock that stopped moving gets the time right twice in one day. A heart that should not be beating anymore, continues to pump with the help of a device. A ringer turned off can still receive everything but it can only whisper. A soldier who once was brave and strong in a battle can only get to places through his wheel chair.

Everything that is still working but assisted, are they really working? All that is broken glued back together, are they really whole? Sometimes or most of of the time we still function but not fully. We sometimes work without emotion, sometimes we feel but choose not do anything. Sometimes, when it’s all quiet, we feel nothing, we become numb and slip through a thought, a single thought that somehow wakes us up.
This too shall pass
Four small words yet weighs a ton. Nothing goes on forever because nothing is. Forever is not real, not here at least. We often hear and even say this, even if we know it doesn’t exist.
We are all blessed, in different ways, because we have different stories but there are moments you ask if you truly are happy. Or maybe you told yourself you are, often enough, hoping that there might come a day that your heart will believe you.

3 thoughts on “Will this ever end?

  1. The only forever in life is change. Very Well said. You are a beautiful soul and I would love to read more of your abstract feelings, so I could know and learn more about you. 🙂 ❤ Let love and change inspire you.


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