A sad story would be an understatement

Box of Unwritten Pages

She loved him so much. Gave everything she thought would keep them together. He loved her too.  They have been together for quite some time now, had their shared moments of ups and downs. Normal for a couple, they would say.  Small misunderstanding and petty fights are part of a relationship that is going strong, or is it?

He has been patient with her.  Tried to understand and had been careful not to make her upset. She, in return, has been honest to him. Loyal and trustworthy she had promised to be and it was a promised she assured to keep.  But then fate is mean at times. It tries to shake things to check its stability.  How do you assure a relationship to be strong enough?

Years passed and so did everything. Everything but them. It seemed that they got stuck. Stuck on that space they cannot explain.  You…

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Now What?

Box of Unwritten Pages

I have always been a great believer of positive thinking, even in my darkest of days, I always focus on the brighter side of things. I think this has now been tested to its full limit. Up to what extent do I stay like that. Until where do I go forward believing it. I know I don’t have to be always okay, some days I could just be what I feel. But this time believe me, the boat has more than been rocked. I waited for nothing. I know I still have tomorrows but for some reason I don’t know if I still want to look at it.

I feel emptiest, and I know I’ll look back on this in the future. I always say, just go on, but what if you’re just tired of moving. It’s so easy to say if not today then try again tomorrow. But say…

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Built for the Kill

Box of Unwritten Pages

Still with jeans and shirt, I sit here on a quiet afternoon. Alone with my thoughts, not a word shall be spoken. Wanting so hard to believe but I let my eyes do the talking. I ask for nothing more, I wish for nothing more. Is it enough to hope? If it’s lost, is it over? Wake me up when September ends, the song goes.

This is the kind of tired that can never be relieved with sleep. It’s the kind of headache that doesn’t have medicine. What is the worth of a bullet-proof car if your killer is the driver? Who else should you trust if your best friend is a traitor? Which path should you choose if you don’t know where you’re going? Random thoughts from cluttered emotions. Unspoken truth from a brokenhearted soul.

Ever so often do I dream of diving in that lake. Skinny dipping. Surrendering…

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No more than Friends

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I don’t really understand what you are trying to tell me , I asked. But I didn’t mind telling it out loud. I just gave him an odd look as he held my hand tight. He does it a lot, yet he does not say much.

I gave him a weak smile as he looked at me before he left.  I felt the chills again. I’ve been having a lot of it lately. Every time I see him walk towards me, I tend to have that weird feeling. This is all my best friend’s fault. If she hasn’t just given me that idea, I would not feel like this. I would not even think of it.

I’m  Darla Villarante from Cebu by the way .  I’m on my junior year in Civil Engineering. It wasn’t really my first choice to take up Civil Engineering. You see, my dad is an…

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Page 2

Box of Unwritten Pages

I used to make up stories in my head every time I see portraits.  Pictures to me have great stories.  It has been dubbed to paint a thousand words.  Even moving photographs have their own story going on before it started and after it ended.  A photograph is a glance, that blink of an eye that’s captured.  A moving photograph is a moment captured.  Words spoken before, during and after was never caught, and it’s a secret between the photographer and the subject.  A secret that is kept even if it’s not written.  Unwritten rules are the most followed.  We tend to defy what seems so final.  We tend to question straight answers hoping there’s more to it.

When you’re sad and decide to take a long walk, the sky knows.  Then it whispers, is it going to be you or me today?  Either you or the sky cries, but…

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This time I couldn’t just pack everything up and leave like before.  I couldn’t let myself.  I vowed to face life.  It’s just so easy to go back to that place, to my hiding place.  But I need this, I need now to deal with the mess that I left, that have grown their own messes.  A dragon at a time, a day at a time.  Hopeful for a better tomorrow, I will face this with or without backup.  I was the one who left, I was the one who hid.  I blame no one.  I can take this fight, with or without anyone.  I didn’t hide to be sought, I just did to find what I lost.  I didn’t leave to be run after, I packed up because I needed to know where to go next.

It’s hard to wake up in the morning not knowing what the day…

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Meet Life

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The future is nothing but a blur once again. Ask me questions and I’d probably answer you with mostly the same tone, I don’t know. Paint me a picture and I’ll tell you what’s wrong with it. Bring me a book to read and I’ll tell you how it ends. Hum me a melody and I’ll play it on the piano. Cover me with rose petals and I’ll tell you why it makes me sneeze. Throw me a party, and I’ll clean up the mess after. Show me a rainbow and I’ll tell you the story how it got there. Show me a tear and I’ll tell you how much I’ve shed. Throw me an argument and I’ll let you win. Turn all the lights off and I’ll show you courage. Break everything I am and I won’t even blink. Take everything I have left and I won’t chase you.

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Just Believe

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Indeed it’s a little less lonely when you’re at peace.  I’m not saying it’s tear-proof, but then again what could beat inner peace right?  Many people I miss so much, but I’m okay that they’re not here.  I have nothing, literally.  I blame no one, but it’s when you have nothing that you realize the little things that you have.  For it’s in darkness that you notice the tiniest of sparks.  For it is in complete silence, you hear your heart speak.  For it is in great speed that you see your life slow down.  For it is when you’re at your weakest point you find your strength.  For it is when you’re most scared you find that last amount of courage you have.  For it is when you’re about to give it all up that you find that last grain of hope.  For it is when the crowd leaves…

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Just For Today

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Lost on a familiar road, with nothing but these white roses tied to my hand. I leave traces from the blood of my wounded hand from the thorns. My bloody footprints for I am running barefoot. How can I get rid of the roses when I can only feel it, because I’m blindfolded. I couldn’t seem to remove this blindfold for the thorns of the roses might hurt my face. I just know I have been her once even without seeing my path.

Now I can hear thunder, I just know it’s going to rain. Raindrops started falling faster than my tears. I couldn’t see, I just can’t. Everything I have with me are just maybes. How did I even get here? Where did I ever get these roses tied to my hands? Was I blindfolded before I got these? Or did I get these then this cruel scarf was…

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