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I just miss the empty afternoon nothings we have.  We got nothing but each other and it seemed like we were holding the whole world in our hands.  I hate this, we’re apart, it feels like a chunk of me traveled alone, it’s hard to get by sometimes.  Knowing I’d come home to a bed with you in it felt like it’s worth the days’ hard work.  I miss most our weird adventures, laughing so hard we can’t almost breathe.  I didn’t really care about what tomorrow brought because you were there beside me.  A vow to never let each other down, we’d have each others’ backs.  When everyone leaves we’d count that we still have each other.  That it’s still going to be us in the end to survive storms, triumph over earthquakes, slaying dragons.  They might hurt us but they are never going to break the bond that…

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Like It Never Happened

Box of Unwritten Pages

Look at your life with everything that you have and not otherwise.  Be contented, then happiness follows.  Happiness never really meant a problem-free day or week or year.  It’s looking beyond those problems that gives you happiness.  Even with tears rolling down those cheeks, still you wake up the next day like nothing happened.

Don’t sweat on the small stuff, know what matters.  Treasure people that love you.  People who love you will care no matter what.  Even if they had a worse day than you, they’d listen to you either way.  They’d make no excuses, they’d just be there.  They’d take every chance to make you feel they loved you.  They’re there even if you wouldn’t want them to.  For those who walked away, for as long as you have done everything you could, then have no regrets in letting them go.

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Box of Unwritten Pages

People in our lives are there for a reason. Every single one of them have a different purpose and mission. Even the ones we don’t like and the ones we never expected. Some of those people we think we can’t live without but actually, we can, those are the people we want in our lives. Some we sometimes just ignore but we know if they leave, we’d be devastated, those are the people we need. Then, the people who are not yet in our lives, they are the ones we desire, that sometimes the ones we already have are taken for granted.

Everyday is a clean slate. Don’t go back to the past just because it’s familiar. There’s a reason for it to be in the past, it’s supposed to remain there. You are in the present, live it because tomorrow, it’ll be new start for you, a blank canvass…

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Breathe . Just Believe

Box of Unwritten Pages

It is like this.

I see that you have gone pessimistic

About this thing we call relationships.

All those ups and downs made you think it is all just tricks.

Relax dear girlfriend.  Breathe.  You can handle it.

For all you know he was just one old fool.

Letting you feel like this, he ought to know it too.

 Surely he will be dragging his heavy heart, 

Sick and regretting for what he did to you.

So let this day just pass by.

Let it all out, if you want then go cry.

But tomorrow forget about the pain.

Believe it when people say there is rainbow after the rain.


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Box of Unwritten Pages

 Play this before you read

She walked into the room with that long velvet navy blue dress.  Caught his gaze even just by standing there from that entrance so simple, yet captivating.  He puts down his poison and starts walking towards her to ask for her hand to dance.  As he was walking towards the dance floor, trying to get through the couples dancing and not losing sight of her.  Just as soon as he went through the last couple, she was gone.  He tried to search the entire ballroom for her.  Even just a glance, he wished, even just another look, even not a dance, he thought.

Just by the time he’s lost hope, there she was, sitting on the chair where he saw her from, at the bar.  Then he took no time to think but to go back and endure once again the same path.  In…

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Drowning in what they call the Friendship Lagoon

Box of Unwritten Pages

Y ou don’t want to be in that place or even anywhere near it. Everyone hates it. No one knows how to get out of it, how to survive it.  Nobody even knows how one could end up there. It’s close to being in hell.

Or maybe that’s just an exaggeration on my end.

Ever heard of it? This Friendship Lagoon I am talking about?  If you have, then good for you. If you are there or have been there , I’m sorry to hear about that, but by know you would understand what I am trying to say here.  It is tough to be in a Friendship Lagoon.

It’s not really a lagoon nor is it even a place. It is a situation when two friends got all tied up with being just friends, but one of them , or even possible both of them, wants to reach out…

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What is it that you do to live life?

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Explore. Take risks. Love

Three things, I believe, that would make one’s life worth living.  In my opinion, we are created to live in a life that is longer than we can count.  It’s just that we do things that makes our life shorter – or seems shorter.

Why I say people live a life that seems to be short? We tend to expect on so many things. We worry too much. We hope too much. These excessive thoughts and feelings occupy much of our time, thus making us enjoy less in what we have.  We make things too complicated when it is supposedly so simple.  We gather too much information when we need only so little.  We prepare so much for tomorrow that we forget to gather on what we need today.

To explore means so many things. To travel. To discover new things – about yourself and things…

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Box of Unwritten Pages

People come and go in your life. They enter through 3 kinds of doors. The ones who get in a revolving door, you don’t remember how you met, how it started and you never noticed them leaving. And they leave just as fast as they came. Some come in through a glass sliding door. They are the ones who you notice even before you’ve met. You have seen them coming and they shouldn’t leave in a hurry because if they do, they will break the door and make a huge bang, in other words, a big impact on you. Third would be, through a wooden door. They knocked before they could go in, and it was your choice to let them in or close the door. You remember them, the first knock, or sometimes it depends on what mood you’re on. Maybe you were in need of company that you…

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That star …

Box of Unwritten Pages

I’m here, just across you. I took a quick glance around. I look at you. Apparently, you don’t really notice me. Or maybe you do. It’s just that you just don’t really care of my existence. To you I am just some other girl who bumps into you every now and then.

For some reason, there was a time I thought you noticed me. I even thought you liked me. You were kind. You acted so sweet. We talked. Yes.  If you have forgotten, there were a few times we had a couple of conversation.  You even gave me a picture of you.

From then on, I knew we were going to be great friends. You said once I could give you a call, though I really never had your number.

I was really hoping we would be good friends, but then it all changed.  Suddenly, you acted cold.  You…

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