I write in a form of randomness

Everything to me makes sense

Yet to some readers it is all gibberish

Words from someone foolish

But deeper thoughts are in my words

Read carefully and you will know

These are just mere emotions

Of every girl you may know


I write in form of randomness

These thoughts  cramped in my head

Ideas gushing out through words

Along with hidden sentiments

Memories , good and bad

Concerns on things I do  not know

A slight push and they will overflow

Filling up this little piece of note


I write in form of randomness

I understand if this youwould ignore

Not everyone are bound to understand

Nor would some even heed

For I write not for you

Nor to tease your busy mind

But I write to soothe my soul

Letting go of feelings

That I should have done before

3 thoughts on “Gibberish

  1. *Applause* I am in love with this piece, it is as if I wrote this piece, every word I write in my poems is just another abstract feeling that I get in the 24by7 time. Every word you said above is so REALISTIC. Believe me I’m more than speechless. 😡 You are an amazing writer. Hats Off. Love and let love follow. ❤ 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you for the compliment. I am delighted that you love this little note. All of our posts are from random emotions, which makes it relatable. Thank you also for following our blog. Hope you love our other posts as well.

    Best Regards,


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