A Person

Problem. People, places, things, situations, relationships, goals and dreams. Problem with people today, they mistake tactlessness for brutal honesty, meanwhile tactful people are often their victims. The dumb ones often think they are smart and use terms they don’t even know about while the smart ones often doubt their own intelligence. Like what Einstein said, “two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the universe“. The lazy ones often find excuses to procrastinate or even to cancel a task. While the hardworkers more often than not find something to work on.

What’s hard is denial. If one keeps thinking one need not to change, then you not only deny improvement, you invite deterioration of maturity, thus growth stops. Whatever age group you’re in today, there’s a reason why you woke up healthy while other people in all walks of life are fighting for their lives or sighed their last breath.

Prove you’re worthy to breathe more than that little angel vomiting after chemo. Don’t waste your time living a day after another.

When the time comes, I’d want to go home, not anywhere else but home. So I don’t anchor on wordly things, for they are like me, temporary.  I save up on what’s waiting for me.

Juliet – 08252015 – 1359

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