Simone’s Song

I’m listening to a song on loop right now, and I have always loved where this song takes me.  I remember the first time I heard it and my life was nowhere near together but it was this song that seem to have lifted the mood.  Simply because the lyrics pulled the right strings in my heart.  I don’t speak French but surprisingly, that particular line, did a number on me.

Fie-toi a l’amour c’est tout, means trust in love that’s all. 

Anybody who knows me, or ever knew me, knows I have trust issues.  I just can’t be, or do something without a string of questions, but then some things don’t come with answers.  Simply because you need to experience them, not answer them.  No logic whatsoever, no laws of gravity pulling it, nothing.  Things that are not black and white.

I have always believed in time travel.  Every time you open a book, it’s a ticket to where the story is.  Every time you play a song, it takes you to the last place you’ve heard it.  Nostalgia is a real thing, and has always been.

You might have noticed my thoughts are kind of scrambled, well, it’s because my mind right now is.  So whenever I’m overwhelmed, I listen to this particular song on loop, just because.  Another line that completes the scenario and brings it home:

It isn’t bad if you believe

Now that I don’t have to translate. I haven’t written in a while but when I’m stressed out this is my go to stress-reliever.  I have all kinds of songs depending how my day went.  Music has always been my rescuer, never fails, too.  When you lose and feel defeated, music is that hug you need to throw yourself to.  When you feel tired, music cradles you.

When I write, I used to have this concrete idea, of how it’ll go, procrastinate until I decide that I should write it.  As I get older, I don’t have the same process, or sometimes none at all.  Maybe it’s just tiring.

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Something Happened

2018 has been so disrespectful, in a funny way of course.  I think this year is on a time crunch, it’s throwing away everything it can in my way and it’s just the beginning of the year. I don’t think it grasps the meaning of the word start.  It just went of like crazy. Now, with everything that has happened, it made me think about life.  How even at this day and age where people have done such an amazing job at screwing up all of God’s creation, life still gets to you.  So I have always been a plan-organize-and-execute-kind of person. I don’t go in to things I haven’t planned and prepared for yet.  My goals, whether long or short-term, I have it all in my head on how to get to it.  But then, it’s just so mundane.

2018 being in such a hurry to throw God knows what in my way, paved a new path. Showed me a new door, with an ad saying why not try this?  So then I decided, meh, why not.  But it just occurred to me that when I heard that click in the knob, something happened.