Maybe No

I was walking, really more like wandering.  I was walking toward a familiar place, but I wasn’t there.  As I got to the door, that music, those notes ringing to my ear, a song so familiar.  It was waiting for me, so I opened the door and there I was all in white.  Walking down all confused, a room full of people but I couldn’t seem to find the people who mean the world to me except for one.  When I got to the middle of the room I looked down, and saw a bunch of flowers, realized they were Asters, all along I have been thinking if this was it, why would it be this simple?  As I reached the end, there you were standing, I barely recognize this little world.  I couldn’t even smile, I was wondering so much where the people were.  All of a sudden, I then heard those words, “I pronounce you man and wife”.  Still with no smile but just a confused facial expression, I looked at everyone.  I saw people I know from the past, they all wished me well.  I was still so confused even holding your hand didn’t feel like it used to.  One of the people said, why aren’t you smiling?  Then I looked at you, you looked so happy and excited meanwhile you were holding the hand of a confused bride.


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Going Nowhere

Why was it ever necessary for anybody to conform with society’s norms?  Sometimes it makes people feel inadequate, or at times unfit to be in this world.  Who ever decided on these norms for one to be considered normal?  It’s always on society’s standards, the society who has never accounted for its destruction.  Beautiful souls are punished and humiliated meanwhile, vanity is celebrated and embraced.  What a waste.

Even brave soldiers have their breaking point.  Even generals take their armors and medals off at night, and be mere mortals.  Doctors who are heroes to the people that they saved, come home feeling unwanted because of that one patient they couldn’t help.  Kings go to bed at night completely vulnerable.

But doesn’t it feel so wonderful, that moment in the morning, before you open your eyes, those very few seconds you don’t know who you are or what you’re supposed to do?  A little bit of happiness.  Happiness, isn’t everybody giving this word too much credit?  Everyone is trying to be just that, and stay just that, but what is it really?

People who have standards are being called proud, selfish, etc.  People who have low-no standards are being called sensitive, so in tuned with their emotions.  I know that generalization is not fair, because a lot of truly sensitive people have standards too and vise versa.  But sometimes, it’s the people who tag themselves with such adjectives to cover up flaws are the problem.


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