Davy Jones

When and if

When it happens

If it happens

The weight of these words matter

Especially to a confused mind

And an unsettled heart

There are many zombies walking around, well not zombies

What do you call those that are heartless

Oh, Davy Jones

Have been broken so much he had to part with his heart

What and How

What happened

How it happened

The difference of these two words go beyond what is and how is

Where and Why

Where it happened

Why it happened

Place and reason

You can’t just narrow it down to these two

But vital information about the situation lies after these are asked

Sometimes we ask the right questions

We get the right answers

Sometimes we ask the wrong questions because we don’t want to hear the answers to the right ones

But that’s when you know how deep the wound is

With how the questions are asked

You can read people with their words

How they phrase their questions

How they looked before answering your questions

When a person asks so many, or too many questions

The wound is not that deep yet

It’s like a first-degree burn

Hurts like hell but is just right underneath the surface

When a person asks questions that sometimes don’t even make sense

That’s a second-degree burn

Pain is not as bad as the first, initially

When a person asks broken questions

Or sometimes say all-too-normal things

Then that hit a little bit deeper

Third-degree burn

You don’t even know how or if you’re going to heal

But when a person no longer speaks

No questions to ask

No answers to give

That’s not just a burn

That’s death

Something died in that person that very second

But that’s the hardest death to deal with

You can’t bury yourself alive

Nobody else knows about it but you

Then you walk around this earth like Davy Jones


-juliet 05082018 2258

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