How does one live a happy life?

How does one live a happy life?

They say you need to be contented

To feel how it is to be happy.

But how can one feel such contentment

When you know out there you can do something better,

Deserve something better?


How does one live a happy life?

They say it is by shutting yourself away from negativity,

Think positive and always be positive.

But how can you feel the positivity

When in fact you are just all alone?


How does one live a happy life?

They say think of yourself less

And have more for others,

For giving brings an indescribable feeling of joy.

But what if nothing is left of you, will you still give more?


How does one live a happy life?

They say do what you love to do.

Be yourself and enjoy it.

Then you stop to re-think of it,

Is it really enough and worth it?


How does one live a happy life?

Who created the standards?

What is the exact method to happiness?

Why do we depend on what other say

When all this time, our happiness lies in every single one of us.




I write in a form of randomness

Everything to me makes sense

Yet to some readers it is all gibberish

Words from someone foolish

But deeper thoughts are in my words

Read carefully and you will know

These are just mere emotions

Of every girl you may know


I write in form of randomness

These thoughts  cramped in my head

Ideas gushing out through words

Along with hidden sentiments

Memories , good and bad

Concerns on things I do  not know

A slight push and they will overflow

Filling up this little piece of note


I write in form of randomness

I understand if this youwould ignore

Not everyone are bound to understand

Nor would some even heed

For I write not for you

Nor to tease your busy mind

But I write to soothe my soul

Letting go of feelings

That I should have done before

emo, woman, doubts, feelings, past, hurt, emotion

Thoughts Of A Woman In Heels


Dear space,

I have always wanted to remember how it was to be at peace with myself. I do have some trust issues. This makes me questions every single thing existing around me.  I doubt every single detail in someone’s statement. I barely believe the things that I see.

It is not fun at all.

To have second thoughts on everything makes my mind too crowded, congested with thoughts that drown my emotions. While others say they have a hole within them, I seem to have this big boulder inside my chest – a heavy feeling that I could not understand.

I used to blame this on an experience. A black shadow that covered most of my happy thoughts, letting only the darker past visible to my memory. I used to blame this on things that I cannot see. I used to blame everything but I was always unsure.

Then I was told that I should come to my senses. They said this was just me. I have been overthinking about myself, about everything. No one wants to hurt me. No one wants to fool me. They said I am the one making this big of a misery to myself.

So how am I to end this?  I couldn’t just let it go. Should I just believe on the lies that I hear? Should I just get myself be fooled by all the bogus lingering around me? Should I just let myself be free of the doubts?

I have always wanted to remember how it was to be at peace with myself .I want to be at peace with myself.  How could I be at peace, if I myself don’t know what it means?


Thinking out loud,